EPR for India’s e-waste

At the E-scrap committee's meeting, Surendra Borad explained India's activities in terms of e-waste management.

In Europe 45 per cent of used electronic equipment is collected, Thomas Papageorgiou, Chairman of the BIR E-Scrap committee reported. However, not all of the countries are able to reach that goal. EPR could help to reach that goal. Since October, India also has established the concept of extended producer responsibility, board member Surendra Patawari Borad reported. He explained that the concept is quite similar to the European laws.

Borad further reported that the government has framed detailed guidelines for the systematic collection and transportation of e-waste by the producer. By 2018, the producers must collect 30 per cent of the waste generated and the remaining 70 per cent must be collected in the next five years. A value chain must be created so that they can take e-waste back from the chain through which they have sold it.

The government has also introduced some incentives like a deposit refund scheme where a portion of the sale price shall be retained by the producers. It will be refundable along with interest to consumers once the end-of-life products are channelized according to the value chain. Producers will also be responsible to make the consumers aware about how the waste must be disposed. “These new progressive policies when implemented can usher a new era of standadization in the indian recycling market”, Borad stated.



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