WFO Asia partners with WWF Hong Kong

This strategic partnership will focus on collaboration to clean up Hong Kong Bay.
Initiative Echte Soziale Marktwirtschaft (IESM),

WFO and WWF will work together on two projects:

Fishing for litter initiative: WFO Asia will work with WWF Hong Kong to carry out a feasibility study of Thomsea gear to demonstrate how marine litter can be collected in the bay of Hong Kong. The collected waste will then be shipped to our industry partners to recycle and reuse in the production of new plastic products.

By reclaiming, recycling and reusing these materials, we will take a step forward towards reducing the impacts of plastic waste not only on our marine ecosystems but also limiting the quantity of virgin materials needed for new products.

Trialing alternative lightweight Fish boxes: WFO Asia will be advising WWF Hong Kong on how to increase the use of lightweight, easy to use, more environmentally friendly packaging within the fishing industry. This will involve the manufacture of alternative, lightweight fish boxes which will be trialed by fishermen in Hong Kong.

If successful, this trial could lead to greater implementation of these technologies in the future and reduced environmental impacts within the fishing sector.


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