APK plans to build new plastic recycling plants

APK plans to set up recycling plants by 2025 together with strategic partners in Europe and South- East Asia in order to strengthen plastics recycling and to reduce global land pollution and marine litter.
plastic recycling plants

APK has developed a breakthrough technology that can be applied to a broad variety of plastic types and combinations commonly used in packaging, even difficult ones including multi-layer films. The technology exploits physical and chemical properties of different polymer types in order to separate these efficiently, resulting in high-purity single-polymer streams.

CEO Klaus Wohnig explained at the Interpack fair 2017 why it is important to set up plants both in Europe and in Asia: “In Germany we have developed an advanced and economically interesting recycling technology to recover virgin-quality polymers from plastic-packaging waste. We call it Newcycling®. We now want to expand in Europe while simultaneously bringing our technology to the region where the problem is acute: South-East Asia. Of course, we are open to further co- operations with interested industry partners in order to change the plastics economy from linear to truly circular as soon as possible. This challenge is a very substantial.”


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