Virtual Reality (VR) Experience from Bollegraaf at WasteTech

Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions and Lubo Systems (also part of the Bollegraaf Group) are participating in WasteTech 2017. Conveying the scale, complexity, innovation and technological detail of Bollegraaf’s exceptional turnkey recycling systems is always a challenge at exhibitions. To resolve this, at WasteTech 2017, the leading global manufacturer will introduce the Bollegraaf VR Experience for the first time.
Virtual Reality

Through the wonder of VR, visitors to Stand F2 can experience for themselves the specialist equipment for separating MSW, plastics, single stream, construction & demolition and industrial waste that has underlined Bollegraaf as a market leader. Also launching at WasteTech 2017 is Bollegraaf’s VR iOS and Android App for everyone who wants to experience the fantastic installation at home. You can download the app here.

Mega Bollegraaf MRF in Russia

WasteTech 2017 is the first exhibition in Russia attended by Bollegraaf since announcing its involvement in building a mega Municipal Solid Waste installation in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia for the MAG Group.

The state-of-the-art installation will be capable of sorting 60 tons of MSW material per hour, will feature the latest and most advanced technologies and is designed for 24 hour operation. The mega installation will benefit the regional environment due to high-quality and efficient extraction of the maximum quantity of useful fractions from waste.

WasteTech 2017 provides the opportunity for Bollegraaf to present itself to Russia while working together with an outstanding Russian company on one of the most advanced installations in the country. Following extensive global research, the MAG Group chose a recycling solution from Bollegraaf, taking into account the company’s expertise in designing, manufacturing and installing turnkey sorting systems around the world.

Manufacture of the first part of the installation will begin this summer and the second part is expected to be finished in 2018.

 Lubo Anti Wrapping StarScreen®: low energy, low maintenance

Visitors to WasteTech 2017 will be able to see Bollegraaf’s innovative Lubo Anti Wrapping StarScreen®. This machine solves the common problem of wrapping of materials and sausage formation by its ‘aggressive agitation’ system, which prevents small waste fractions from sticking to larger ones. Obstructive sausage formation is prevented because the large fractions are not spun around as they would be in a drum separator.

The design and engineering of the Lubo Anti Wrapping StarScreen® ensures a low cost per ton of waste, with low energy consumption and it requires little maintenance. The machine has no need for conveyors and is easy to operate thanks to the Lubo Quick Connect System, which makes it possible to change the shafts in next to no time.


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