Eriez Europe releases new corporate video

Eriez Europe has released a new video showcasing their manufacturing and testing facilities in South Wales, UK.
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The European Headquarters of the global company designs and manufactures industry-leading magnetic separation, metal detection, vibratory and fluid filtration equipment and was upgraded to the ISO 9001:2015 quality standard in November last year. Boasting 5,000sqm of manufacturing space, the fully-equipped facility includes 45 tonne lifting capacity, shot blasting unit, two paint booths, CNC router and in-house capacitive discharge magnetiser.

Eriez Europe serves over 80 markets including Mining, Minerals, Quarrying, Food, Plastics, Ceramics, Metalworking and Recycling and offers comprehensive testing facilities. The 380sqm purpose-built Recycling Test Centre equipped with Eriez’ full range of ferrous and non-ferrous metal recycling machinery, enables customers to determine which combination of equipment is the best fit for their waste processing needs. Since launching in 2015, it has received a significant number of customers who have been able to see first-hand how Eriez equipment can help recover more materials and improve their profits.

The dedicated recycling testing facility complements the Laboratory Testing Centre, which houses wet and dry processing equipment, including the Powerflux Superconducting Magnet, High Intensity Magnetic Filter and Rare Earth Roll for testing on multiple applications.

Most recently, it was announced that £300,000 will be invested in a new rotor manufacturing facility at the European manufacturing headquarters, which will increase production capacity of Eddy Current Separators per year by more than a third.

This year, Eriez celebrates 75 years in business. The company has 10 manufacturing subsidiaries worldwide, employing 800 staff and is the world’s largest manufacturer of magnetic separation equipment.

John Curwen, Managing Director at Eriez Europe, said: ”We are immensely proud of our manufacturing and testing facilities here at Eriez Europe and the complete service we are able to offer our customers. The ability to manufacture in-house enables us to produce equipment to the highest quality and at the most competitive prices. Celebrating 75 years of manufacturing experience this year demonstrates the wealth of experience and knowledge Eriez has as a company in providing the most innovative separation solutions.”

The new video can be viewed on YouTube


  1. It is great to see these companies that produce magnetic filtration and magnetic separation equipment celebrating their existence for long periods of time! Magnetic Separators are such a necessity in our world with industrial processing being such a huge part of the production of all of our food. Congratulations to Eriez on their long lasting success.


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