Re-Gen Waste Ltd welcomes Brexit Minister to Newry

Minister Walker heard directly from people, groups and businesses in Northern Ireland, including Re-Gen Waste Ltd in Newry, about the opportunities and challenges of Brexit, as part of the Government’s ongoing commitment to work with all parts of the UK on the withdrawal.
Pictured outside Re-Gen Headquarters in Newry are Mr Gough, InterTradeIreland with Minister Smith, John Doherty, Re-Gen Director of Finance & New Business Development, Minister Walker and Joseph Doherty, Re-Gen Managing Director.

Joseph Doherty, Managing Director of Re-Gen said: “We were pleased to welcome Minister Walker, Minister Smith and Mr Gough from InterTradeIreland to Re-Gen to discuss our concerns and share with them the significant investment we have made recently in our plant.

“As with any company in Northern Ireland relying on export, we advised that we want to see a frictionless and seamless border with the Republic of Ireland and no new barriers to trade.

“We discussed our trade concerns about leaving the Customs Union and being met with restrictive customs controls, restrictions to market access and the free movement of people, because our headcount includes staff from a range of European countries.”

According to Re-Gen the Minister used the visit to hear first hand about the opportunities and challenges that the UK’s exit from the EU could present to Northern Ireland, and to reiterate the Government’s commitment to ensuring the specific interests of Northern Ireland are a priority in the talks. The visit is part of a wider programme of engagement with all parts of the UK on Brexit, and builds on previous visits to Northern Ireland by Minister Robin Walker and Secretary of State David Davis to discuss our EU withdrawal.

Minister Walker said: “As we look to leave the EU, we’ve been absolutely clear that we want to hear from people and businesses across all parts of the UK about the specific opportunities and challenges Brexit represents to them.

“Because of its land border and shared history with Ireland, Northern Ireland of course has unique issues relating to Brexit that we’ve committed to address as a priority. That’s why we’ve set out our proposals to ensure we protect the Belfast Agreement in the negotiations, and ensure the land border is as seamless and frictionless as possible for people and businesses.”

He continued: “I’ve had the chance to speak with a wide range of groups during this trip – and it’s an opportunity that’s proved invaluable. Their insight and input will help us ensure our exit from the EU delivers for all part of the UK.”


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