European Construction Material Recycling Award 2018

The European Quality Association for Recycling (EQAR) for the third time offers the European innovation award for construction material recycling in Europe.
Kurt Michel,

With more than two billion tons of mineral wastes the construction sector produces the biggest waste flow in Europe, according to Manfred Wierichs, President of EQAR. However, mineral construction and demolition wastes are valuable resources from which high-quality construction materials may be obtained. The target of the EU Commission is to mail@eqar.infoachieve a rate of utilizing and recycling mineral wastes by 70 % up to the year 2020. Yet, construction material recycling has to be essentially extended and notably promoted by rigorously using recycled construction materials to reach this target.

EQAR would like to present its construction material recycling awards for the third time in 2018. By presenting the EQAR Award personalities, companies and universities and colleges are to be honoured for their engagement of many years, innovations or outstanding recycling projects.

The EQAR Recycling Award 2018 will be presented in three categories. The first prize will include Euros 1,000.00. The award will be presented in Vienna on March 22, 2018 in the framework of the European Construction Material Recycling Congress.

The invitation to apply for this award is directed to persons, companies or institutions contributing to increasing the acceptance, quality and profitability of recycled construction materials in Europe

  • by innovative developments in the processing technology,
  • by research and development work,
  • or by the engagement of politics and associations.

Applicants for the Construction Material Recycling Award of EQAR are requested to send their application papers to the office of EQAR or mail them to: before December 15, 2017.


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