Opening the EU market to organic fertilisers

On 24 October, the European Parliament adopted its final position on the CE marked fertilising products Regulation. FEAD welcomes the decision of the European Parliament to maintain the limit value for lead as proposed by the European Commission (120 mg/kg dry matter).
Foto: VHE

Our members consider that the opening of the EU market to organic fertilisers is a further step in a transition to a circular economy. FEAD welcomes the extension of the scope of the Fertilisers Regulation to organic fertilisers and the Commission’s efforts to create a level-playing field between organic and inorganic fertilisers. Organic fertilisers contribute to a more circular economy, for example through phosphorus recovery thereby reducing the need for primary raw materials and lowering greenhouse gas emissions. According to Fead adequate safety and quality requirements are crucial to ensure that the Revised Fertilisers Regulation will reach its objective to increase the use of recycled nutrients from organic sources.


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