Permanently moving forward

The permanent suspended overband magnet is a magnetic separator that is well-established within the Eriez portfolio. Uncomplicated in design and operation, it offers a straightforward solution for tramp iron removal from conveyor belts in a wide variety of applications.

Magnets of this type offer a cost-effective solution for metal recovery, with selling prices from just a few thousand pounds.

Eriez Europe typically manufactures at least 30 of these separators per week, with a dedicated full time team for this particular product line. Magnets are available to suit a wide range of belt widths and operating parameters, but the bulk of sales for these magnets are to the mobile crushing and screening sector. These are customers who have traditionally required a low-cost unit that achieves basic tramp iron removal, such as removing steel rebar from crushed concrete at typical operating gaps of 250mm-350mm. They are now also widely used across the whole recycling sector.

The mobile crushing market has seen difficult market conditions for their traditional mining customer base since the credit crunch of 2008/2009. In recent years, efforts have been made to diversify into other sectors, with particular emphasis on recycling. This means a more diverse range of feed materials being handled and a corresponding need for more diversity in magnet design and performance. The suspended magnets now need to work in more complex and wider ranging conditions whilst still meeting the low cost/high volume stipulations of these customers.

Acknowledging the change in market requirements Eriez Europe has focused recent developments on producing higher gradient multi-pole magnet blocks coupled with more compact, lighter weight and streamlined self-cleaning arrangements.

The twin and multi pole magnet configurations that have been developed generate much higher gradient magnetic fields than the basic single pole designs. They are therefore better able to remove smaller items such as nails and washers from feed materials. These magnets can also lift iron in a horizontal orientation, thereby drastically reducing belt wear. Iron is far less likely to embed in the self-cleaning belt than with a standard vertical lift orientation, particularly in the case of small sharp items like nails.

In terms of mechanical structure Eriez has moved away from an external frame to an internal frame arrangement. This offers multiple benefits, including simplified belt change procedures, reduced overall size and less weight. Weight reduction is a critical factor for many of the lighter weight crushers and shredders that are commonplace in the recycling sector. The new units are also more aesthetically pleasing with a more streamlined and up-to-date look.

Sarah Grain, Sales Manager at Eriez Europe comments: “Feedback from our customers has been very positive. The new improved designs are opening up new sales opportunities for us throughout our European territories. We will not be assigning our old style units to the scrap heap just yet, but we are rolling out our improved designs with old and new customers alike.”


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