Andusia ends year with two new contracts

Andusia Recovered Fuels have successfully negotiated two long term contracts for EEW in Stapelfeld and Schwedt, both for a period of 5 years starting in February 2018.

EEW is Germany’s leading company in generating environmentally friendly energy from waste, with 18 state of the art plants. EEW recover approximately 4.7 million tonnes of waste each year with the objective to reduce, if not eliminate, landfill across Europe. These contracts follow on from a number of others that Andusia and EEW already have.

These contracts come with the additional news that, for the first time in Andusia’s history, one of the plants will be accepting loose waste rather than baled. This move will increase supply chain offering and will allow them to use a wider supply base from energy waste management companies that would have previously been excluded from the RDF export market. This move comes after Andusia announced they are not only focused on RDF but also SRF and other forms of waste, confirming their position as a market leader in the waste export industry.


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