Chinese ban will be positive over time

Waste Cost Reduction Services (WCRS) Ltd views China’s announcement to ban a range of imported waste paper and plastic materials as an opportunity which over time will have a positive effect of increasing investment in the country’s recycling infrastructure.
Waste Cost Reduction Services (WCRS) Ltd

The Chinese announcement has proompted concern at the impact such a ban may have on the UK’s recycling industry. The UK generates 3.7 million tonnes of plastic waste each year and a relatively small proportion (less than 11%) is exported to China.  According to Reuters, of the 7.3 million tonnes of waste plastics imported by the Chinese, only 5% arrives from the UK. The UK’s government agencies are in the process of seeking alternative countries who are willing to take up the slack and accept such a recycling task.

WCRS operates nationwide and manages the waste for many of the country’s leading organisations, from entertainment and venues to logistics and retail. The company stands by its belief that, traditional methods such as the segregation of materials as far as possible and the baling of cardboard, papers and plastics remains the most economical and efficient recycling technique.

“It is likely the Chinese ban on specific wastes will have a negative impact on recycling prices,” explains Robert Logan WCRS Managing Director. “A broad analysis of export prices for 2016 and 2017, indicates how plastics in general have been on the decline since the middle of last year, whilst figures for all variants except for mixed papers were relatively consistent and in fact relatively buoyant.  To what extent and over what timescale cannot be predicted.

“WCRS and its supply chain partners remain fully committed to providing a cost effective and environmentally sound waste and recycling solution to all its clients and aim to relay any dramatic or influential changes accordingly.”


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