Semitrailer designed specifically to transport metal scrap

Gervasi Ecologica has designed its first semitrailer specifically to transport metal scrap up to 86 m3.

A long experience of studies and test on design and manufacturing allowed the company to propose the Maxi Tiger tipper semitrailer. This is the first rear tipper semi-trailer which can transport in complete safety up to 86mc of bulk (metal scraps, glass, tires, waste and recyclables).

The maximization of the loading volume enables recycling companies to reduce the number of travels for the collection of waste, scrap and recyclables as well as the delivery of the secondary raw material to the factories. This implies a consequent reduction of fuel consumption, fleet management costs, and travel expenses: the whole recycling process becomes potentially more efficient and “green”.

To make this possible, Gervasi Ecologica has developed and refined every detail of the design and manufacturing of chassis and body, entirely made in wear-resistant steel in order to guarantee solidity and durability.

An exclusive tipping system with two lateral cylinders allows to lift the huge body in full safety: the two cylinders are mounted laterally underneath the body and lift simultaneously, assuring the unloading of goods in full safety and stability. This system allows to take advantage of the higher speed of this solution (compared with moving floor trailers) reducing at minimum any risk connected with these delicate operations.


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