New recycling technology at Plastics Recycling Show Europe

Erema and Wipa will showcase new specialist plastic recycling technology at Plastics Recycling Show Europe.

The new Powerfil business unit of Erema offers both the SW RTF partial surface backflush filter system and the Laserfilter as individual components. Customers can upgrade their existing extrusion plant from any supplier by adding one of the Erema melt filters. The efficient interplay of the innovative Refresher technology with the Intarema TVEplus machine makes it possible to obtain odour-optimised recycled pellets directly from contaminated post-consumer material. The TVEplus extruder system of Erema’s Intarema plant counteracts the development of odours caused by wood, paper, rubber and silicone contaminants by vaporising them out in the preconditioning unit and discharging them during extrusion. The following thermal-physical cleaning process in the Refresher eliminates odours caused by low volatile, high molecular substances. Erema says these two cleaning stages open additional markets for post-consumer recycled pellets for use in automobile interiors or inside homes.

The new WPP flat die press pelletiser from Wipa allows automatic pelletising for a diverse range of materials including plastics. Automatic distance adjustment between the pelletiser’s rollers and the die surface make it possible to alter pellet quality during operation, as well as to generate homogenous final pellet quality from various input materials. Pre-configured programs enable a variable material distribution between the rollers and variable material strokes in the die ensure constant pellet quality.


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