ZenRobotics delivers robots to Switzerland

ZenRobotics Ltd. and Sogetri, part of the Helvetia Environnement Group, have agreed on a delivery of robotic waste sorting systems to a new state-of-the-art waste sorting facility that will be built on Sogetri’s existing site in Satigny, Switzerland.

The construction of the new facility that will process more than 70.000 tons industrial waste annually will begin in June and the center is expected to be operational in March 2019.

Sogetri, established in 1997 in the canton of Geneva, is the primary waste processor in Romandy. ZenRobotics’ robotic sorting systems will be a central part of the modern sorting facility that will run fully automated. Sogetri emphasizes that no jobs will be lost. In fact, a dozen of jobs will be created in for example maintenance. On the sorting line the robots will mainly take on the toughest tasks, such as sorting large pieces weighing up to 30 kilograms.

“We are very excited about this project as the facility will be a modern facility that relies on the newest technologies. We are happy that our robotic sorting technology can support our customer in realizing their vision of a future-proof process”, says Juha Mieskonen, ZenRobotics Head of Sales.

Sogetri believes firmly that the robotization of sorting and recycling will continue. In the future they see potential for additional fully automated sites as technologies evolve and more complex sorting tasks become possible.


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