WCRS welcomes consultation on bottle and can return scheme

Waste management company WCRS Ltd has welcomed the Government’s consultation on a bottle and can return scheme, which could see consumers paying a deposit in a bid to cut waste and boost recycling.
Foto: WCRS
Foto: WCRS

WCRS has long been an advocate of the waste hierarchy, an integral part of which is reuse and recycling, with the ultimate aim of Zero Waste To Landfill (ZWTL).

“WCRS supports this initiative as attitudes towards waste are changing and an initiative like this will help to educate consumers of all ages in the importance of cutting waste and recycling,” explains Robert Logan, Managing Director of WCRS.

“With the issue highlighted on the recent Blue Planet II television programme and with the Great Pacific Garbage Patch now thought to contain 79,000 tonnes of waste, the Government announcement has been well timed for maximum publicity, which can only be a good thing.”

According to WCRS similar schemes have been launched in Norway and in Finland, a country which has set bold goals to cut the amount of household waste sent to landfill. The recycling materials acquired from many plastic and glass bottles are used for the manufacturing of new bottles and other products in many different sectors of industry.

“WCRS will be responding positively to the consultation, and it is highly beneficial to see this story carried across many major news platforms – the issue of recycling is firmly on the public’s radar,” says Robert.


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