Eggersmann presents new machines and expert lectures

At IFAT, the Eggersmann Group wants to solutions in the field of mechanical and biological waste processing as well as mobile and stationary product innovations in the area of shredding, screening, separating, turning and bag opening on some 750 m³ of exhibition space.
Backhus CON 60 combines the Backhus turning technology with the Convaero system. Picture: Eggersmann

At the Eggersmann stand, in cooperation with respected specialists of the recycling industry, a series of lectures on various aspects of this range of topics will be held at 4 pm from 15 to 17 May 2018. During these lectures, the company also wants to introduce the Backhus CON 60, a machine that enables turning in a closed membrane system. Backhus CON 60 combines the Backhus turning technology with the Convaero system, allowing for turning in lanes for composting and biological drying of municipal solid waste and organic wastes, digestate and sewage sludge. The turner is equipped with a crawler chassis used to run along the lane walls while turning within the walls.

Another system on site is the DM Digestate Mixer, a machine used for the production of mixes from digestate, sewage sludge and the like on the one hand and structuring materials such as green waste, raw compost and screen overflow on the other. The system of mixing the substrates with the aid of mixing rollers in the material flow effectively prevents compaction or kneading effects and loosens up the substrate.

Yet another focus of Eggersmann’s presence at this year’s show will be in the field of shredding, represented by the mobile universal shredder Teuton Z 55 and Forus SE 250 in the exterior area as well as the stationary version Teuton ZS 55 in the hall.

At this year’s IFAT, Terra Select presents Terra Select T 60, a screening machine with a high throughput capacity of up to 200 m³/h. In the exterior area between halls B5 and B6, Terra Select will furthermore present the newly developed Terra Select T 55. Also outside, bag opening, dosing and sorting system specialist BRT Hartner will present its brand new, hydraulic bag opener BOH 17.

Hall B5, Stand 427/526 plus exterior space between halls B5 and B6


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