IFAT: New products abound at Metso

N series, Shredder Drive Assistant, cast-steel hammers - Metso once again defends its role as a global leader in recycling technology for metals processing at IFAT 2018 in Munich.
Foto: Metso
Foto: Metso

According to Metso shredding, pressing and cutting are no longer restricted to the heavy shredders and plant components from the ETA series. The new and innovative N series, which is perfectly geared to the needs of small, medium-sized and large enterprises, makes it possible to serve the scrap recycling industry at competitive costs and tailored to specific requirements.

As a pioneer in the recycling industry, the Lindemann brand is inseparable from metal recycling technology, and through this brand, Metso Germany has now launched another innovation. The Shredder Drive Assistant (SDA) makes it possible to optimise and significantly boost the efficiency of Lindemann shredders for old and new equipment alike. The innovative strength of the Metso Group from Finland, with its subsidiary in Düsseldorf, can also be seen in the development of the new Metso cast-steel hammers. Thanks to their special cast structure, they boast a significantly enhanced service life.

Metso N series: a new recycling line for metals processing

Market developments and observations, together with the wishes of the recycling industry, have led to the conclusion in recent years that heavy machines from the premium sector are no longer always the tools of choice. Following in the tradition of Lindemann, Metso Germany has used this insight to craft a response: the development of a new N series. Designed to meet the needs of small and medium-sized processors in particular, the N series is also suitable for larger set-ups in some cases as well. The series’ wide range of variations at competitive prices paired with the equipment’s compact dimensions and sound, sturdy design mean one thing: performance tailored precisely to the demands of today. This series represents a complete recycling line from Metso on a smaller scale than before. Alongside quality engineering and production, an extensive range of services rounds out the launch of the N series.

The technicians and engineers from Düsseldorf demonstrate their engineering and advisory expertise not only in preparation for a sale, but in other phases as well, as commissioning and process optimisation also play a role in the services provided. The extensive service portfolio even extends to operations. The service teams are available around the clock to handle requests and queries. Some 30 installation experts alone are at the ready in Düsseldorf to go wherever they are needed around the world.

Metso SDA: smart controls for Lindemann shredders

According to the manufacturer, the Shredder Drive Assistant, or SDA, is designed to ensure the maximum utilisation of installed shredder capacity for Lindemann shredders. Explanations revealed that the SDA supports the technology for the scrap feeding process with regard to throughput. Through its ability to assess the situation, the sensor-based system facilitates the work and monitoring processes of operating staff. The bottom line is this: the SDA makes it possible to significantly boost average throughput. The system is available both as a retrofit solution and as an option for new machinery.

New Metso cast-steel hammers with optimised service life

The hammers used in shredder lines represent a key factor in plant efficiency. Metso has developed a new hammer series with the goal of extending the service life of these tools. Featuring a special alloy, the new high-quality cast-steel hammers from the Group’s own foundry now ensure substantially enhanced economic efficiency, which applies to all Metso shredder series. For more information, visit www.metso.com.

Metso at IFAT 2018 in Munich: Hall B4, Booth 451/550.


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