FDA Approval for Total Circular Compounds Containing Recycled HDPE

The US Food and Drug Administration has determined that Total’s secondary recycling process at its Antwerp Belgium site for the production of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Circular Compounds is effective in reducing contaminants from Post-Consumer Recycled HDPE (PCR-HDPE) material to an extent which allows for its use in food packaging.
Christine Becker, pixelio.de
Christine Becker, pixelio.de

According to the company, consequently, rPE 6306, a Circular Compound containing 50% post-consumer HDPE produced in Antwerp, meets the FDA requirements for use in the production of bottles for milk and juices, meat trays and other food packaging products at room and refrigeration temperatures. In Europe, this recognition paves the way for the use of the grade in demanding applications.

‘’We had already demonstrated that a compound containing post-consumer HDPE and a specifically developed virgin ’booster’ product provides the same or even better performance than conventional virgin product. Now, we are pleased to have received the non-objection letter from the US Food and Drug Administration confirming the success of our efforts in upgrading recyclates. It is a milestone in the approval process. Our development contributes to a Circular Economy by enabling the use of recyclates in more and more applications,’’ stated Jean Viallefont, Vice President Polymers Europe for Total.


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