Alderney renews baler investment with Middleton

Alderney’s States Works Department has contracted Somerset-based recycling machinery specialist Middleton Engineering, to supply and install a new closed-end, semi-automatic baler at its Glacis recycling centre to bale a full range of waste streams prior to shipment off island for processing.

This is Alderney’s second baler from Middleton Engineering and a direct replacement for an earlier machine installed back in 2006 to improve the efficiency of storing and transporting waste. The third largest and most northerly of the Channel Islands, Alderney has a resident population of around 2,400, peaking to more than 4,000 during the summer months. Like other island communities a zero-land fill policy means all waste recycling is sent off island for processing.

Containerised transportation is a major expense, so the ability to produce consistent high quality and compact bales to optimise storage, container loading and shipping costs is key for the recycling team.  Currently they sort and grade between 12 and 15 tonnes of mixed recycling per week. This includes RDF and waste paper, card, plastics, cans and tyres.

Under the contract Middleton Engineering has supplied and installed a new ME80 semi-automatic baler, at the same time refurbishing an existing feed conveyor supplied with the original machine, including new bearings and belts.

A perfect all-round solution for small volume recycling operators including local authorities, the baler will handle a wide range of waste materials and with its 80 tonnes press force produces highly compact mill size bales with a throughput of two to three tonnes per hour.


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