WCRS Recycling Angels: Improving recycling rates at major events

Created as part of an initiative by Waste Cost Reduction Services (WCRS) to improve recycling rates and enhance the customer experience in the Event’s sector, the WCRS ‘Recycling Angels’ team are passionate about improving recycling rates and reducing environmental impacts.
Waste Cost Reduction Services (WCRS)
Waste Cost Reduction Services (WCRS)

According to WCRS deploying the Angels helps Events Organisers and Facilities Managers maximise recycling opportunities and streamline waste management operations in what can be a challenging environment.

“We understand some of the challenges our clients face when managing events with high levels of public attendance, often in the hundreds of thousands, particularly in situations where there is also a high level of temporary staff. This is where the ‘Recycling Angels’ come in”, explains Robert Logan, Managing Director of WCRS. “The role of the Recycling Angels is to take some of the burden off Event Organisers and Facilities Managers by taking control of the recycling monitoring process and liaising with, key event staff, to educate them on recycling procedures.”

The ‘Recycling Angels’ services are not limited to just the event itself, as WCRS quotes. In order to ensure the ‘Recycling Angels’ are as effective as possible, they will work closely with the client’s dedicated account manager in the lead up to an event and will also be on hand during the build itself to ensure each area has the correct recycling provisions and to implement a clear plan of action.

According to WCRS, during events, ‘Recycling Angels’ will take control of the waste segregation process, working with cleaners, porters and back of house managers to monitor bins, segregate waste accordingly at source and provide guidance on recycling policy. By taking this approach, any potential barriers to recycling can be identified early on and measures can be put in place to rectify any issues.

The ultimate goal being to maximise recycling potential as far as possible and reduce waste to landfill, which not only benefits the event organisers but makes for a greener experience for visitors.

WCRS is committed to finding the best recycling and waste management solutions. It has worked in partnership with some of the nation’s most prestigious event organisations, at events such as the Cheltenham Festival, the Grand National and The Ashes, helping companies comply with legislation, boost recycling rates, improve Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and make each event as green as possible.


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