Global Recycling Day “a phenomenal success”

“I couldn’t believe how far we managed to have outreach.” With these words, the world recycling federation’s President Ranjit Singh Baxi celebrated the “phenomenal success” of the first-ever, BIR-inspired Global Recycling Day, which was launched “in a very big way” on March 18 this year.
Thorben Wengert,

Addressing the latest meeting of the World Council of Recycling Associations in Barcelona on May 29, Mr Baxi declared: “We have succeeded in connecting environmental communities on the platform of the Global Recycling Day.” He also signalled the intention to convert the Global Recycling Day to foundation status in order to maximise the involvement of big brands and encourage an increased flow of sponsorship.

According to BIR the success of the day itself was reviewed in Barcelona by Sophy Norris of Flagship Consulting, the communications agency that had helped BIR to spearhead this inaugural global celebration of recycling and of the achievements of the recycling industry (see BIR press release dated May 29). In terms of raw data, these successes included:
• 10.5 million people reached by Global Recycling Day messages;
• Testimonials from 10 environmental leaders in support of Global Recycling Day;
• At least 23 global events;
• 193 media “hits” with a reach of more than 31 million people – and still counting.

A video highlighting these achievements was broadcast to delegates in Barcelona and concluded with the words: “Together, we will make Global Recycling Day 2019 even bigger.” Commenting on plans for next year’s event, Mrs Norris said the key areas of focus would be: maximising goodwill; further engagement with agencies of the United Nations; “bigger and bolder” activation across the globe; and ensuring “direct” benefits for BIR members as a result of association with Global Recycling Day.

Global Recycling Day would be an “awesome” asset for the recycling industry in the years to come, enthused Adriano Assi of Scrap Capital in Brazil. Salam Sharif of Sharif Metals in the UAE hailed the day as “a milestone for our industry”. And Brian Shine of Manitoba Corp., the new Chair of the US Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, said that Mr Baxi had taken visionary thinking “to a new level” in the recycling sector by conceiving and driving forward the idea of a Global Recycling Day.


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