Partner membership between EuRIC and ETRA

EuRIC, the European Recycling Industries’ Confederation, and ETRA, the European Tyre Recycling Association, have announced their partner membership.

This Partnership aims to further strengthen the representation of the interests of tyre recyclers at European level. For ETRA, the recognized representative of the tyre recycling industry at European level, this partnership with EuRIC will enable the further expansion of the scope of its monitoring, technical assessment and advocacy on all issues related to tyre recycling.

For Mr. Emmanuel KATRAKIS, Secretary General of EuRIC, “ETRA’s Partner Membership in EuRIC is the recognition of a fruitful cooperation initiated two years ago to defend the mutual interests of recyclers across different material streams. We look forward to further enhance our cooperation with ETRA”.

For Dott. Ettore Musacchi, President of ETRA, and Dr. Valerie Shulman, Secretary General of ETRA and members of the Board, the Partnership with EuRIC is a further recognition of ETRA’s exclusive expertise on Tyre Recycling and an opportunity to strengthen the advocacy of the interest of the sector, joining forces with other material stream sectors. We see many opportunities of cooperation.


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