WCRS welcomes new measures to tackle waste crime

Waste management company WCRS Ltd has welcomed the Government’s latest proposals to crackdown further on the Organised Crime Groups (OCGs) who profit from waste crime.
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With waste criminals costing the economy over £600 million a year, the Government’s new Call for Evidence review will engage with a wide group of people to consider ways to crack-down further on OCGs. Looking at the types of crimes being committed, the crime groups involved and the environmental, community and economic impacts, the review will consider how the Environment Agency, along with other organisations, can tackle the problem and will make recommendations for a strategic approach to serious and organised waste crime. The proposal has been welcomed by WCRS.

“Waste criminals evade landfill tax, run illegal waste sites, fly-tip and illegally export waste and it is a sad fact that waste crime is now endemic in our country,” says Robert Logan, Managing Director of WCRS. “The Government has already given local councils the power to issue on-the-spot fines for fly-tipping and granted the Environment Agency new powers to lock the gates to problem waste sites, forcing operators to clear all waste. We welcome news of this review that will further tackle this anti-social crime blighting our local communities and harming our environment.”

WCRS works with businesses to provide high quality, cost effective recycling and waste management solutions to boost recycling rates, reduce costs and help clients meet their corporate responsibilities. The company will be submitting a response to the consultation.


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