UNESCO Biosphere Reserve benefits from avoiding organic waste going to landfill

Assured Renewables Solutions (“Assured”) and The Federated Co-operatives Ltd. Canada. (“Co-op”) are eliminating wasteful trucking and landfilling of organic waste from sites in Clayoquot Sound, UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.
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As part of a Biosphere-wide plan to provide a complete waste solution Co-op are leading the initiative with Assured installing the first organic waste bio-digester at their Ucluelet location this month, the company says. The deployment plan has entailed close collaboration among key stakeholders within the Biosphere Reserve including the Ucluelet First Nations, the local, provincial (ACRD) and federal authorities to ensure pollution from landfilling and costly transport of organic waste is avoided.

Greenhouse gas emissions such as methane from landfills are some 20+ times more harmful than the all-but-zero CO2 that the Assured bio-digester emits. These clean technology solutions have commenced reducing such harm from outdated waste management techniques.

“We admire the Co-op’s ‘no stopping us from doing the right thing attitude’, and placing a bio-digester right away” Says Alistair Haughton, CEO of Assured Renewables, “This is organized under the Assured-Silent Spring Ventures Managed Services Agreement where we deploy, maintain and service the system for a simple monthly fee”.

Furthermore it is said, organic waste is some 70% water so there is little sense in creating more pollution by transporting mostly water to a landfill. By reducing this organic waste by some 80% volume into a soil amendment material that can also be used as a biofuel Assured and Co-op have come up with a logical, cost effective and Canadian sourced solution.

“We’ve been deeply aware of the waste issue for many years given the team’s longstanding history on the West coast” says Alistair Haughton, CEO of Assured, “The willingness of all the stakeholders involved to provide a solution is impressive. It’s meant we can address this problem right now as the first system has been successfully installed at Co-op’s Ucluelet location as we speak”.

“Our location on the pristine west coast of Vancouver Island means we give special attention to our environment. Dealing with waste properly here is the right thing to do”, Says Laurie Gehrke, General Manager at Ucluelet Co-op, “Phase one is removing organic waste, and that is simple now we have the Assured bio-digestor operating onsite”.

The plan in short is simple, cost effective, and ticks all the boxes: • Reduces the impact/volume at the current landfill by 30-39%
• Puts the benefits, and control into the stakeholders hands
• Reduces the estimated capital costs of a traditional composting facility by 60-80%
• Allows the community to place a smaller ARS/WTEC Gasifier to manage the balance of non-recyclables, outside of the Park, and in a sustainable, and environmentally safe fashion.

Haughton continues: “We are extremely excited to be positioned to offer a compact organic waste solution guaranteed to lower costs and reduce the increasing complexities that are inherent in organic waste management”, adding “Phase two will help eliminate non-recyclables from landfill”.


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