Gervasi Ecologica presents Skyler

The italian company presents its first semitrailer in steel, with horizontal unloading system.
Gervasi Ecologica Logo

With Skyler the company wants to offer a new solution, which combines all the qualities of moving floor with the solidity of steel. According to the company it now will be possible to transport any recyclable or waste including metal scrap and ELV, unload outdoor and indoor, unload partial or complete cargos and transport not only bulk materials but also pallets, crates and packages.

Thus, maximum versatility but also maximum solidity and durability because, despite what we usually see on the roads, Skyler features not only the floor but also body and chassis in steel, the company says.

According to Gervasi Ecologica Skyler chassis is made in high resistance steel and body is made in special wear-resistant steel HB450, reinforced by posts and beams to remain solid and upright even after many years of heavy work, hits and shocks.

The body floor, equipped with 9 sliding slats in Hardox450 to guarantee solidity and durability, is slightly sloped to facilitate the unloading: a barely visible but genial detail.

Skyler will be officially launched on Friday 7th September at 12 on


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