Andritz to supply shredder equipment to Slovakia

Andritz has received an order from Saker to supply a Universal Rotary Shear UC and a Universal Granulator UG to their recycling plant in Zilina, Slovakia. Start-up for the new equipment is scheduled for December 2018.
Bild: Andritz

The Universal Rotary Shear will pre-shred larger input material, which is then granulated into the required particle size in the second step by the Universal Granulator. This combination of pre-shredder and granulator enables processing of a large variety of composite materials while maintaining full flexibility. The material remains in the process until it reaches the grain size at which it can pass through an adjustable screen with a defined hole size. Smaller input material can also be fed directly into the granulator without pre-shredding.

Saker will use the Universal Rotary Shear, model UC 1300, and the Universal Granulator, model UG 1600S, to process aluminum composites such as frames, profiles, dishes, etc. as well as to shred transformers and cable scrap in order to separate aluminum and copper from the plastic sheathing. The recovered output material will be pure aluminum, copper, and iron. The combined shredders will provide a maximum throughput of about 4 tons per hour.

The family-run company Saker has been focusing on the processing and recycling of iron and non-ferrous metals since 1992 and has four business units in the Czech Republic and Slovakia employing over 200 people. Saker is also specialized in the production of aluminum alloys, mainly for the electronics and automotive industries in the Czech Republic and abroad.


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