Recycled Elastomers Market worth over $6bn by 2025

Recycled Elastomers Market size will surpass USD 6 billion by 2025; according to a new research report by Global Market Insights, Inc.
S. Hofschläger, pixelio,de

Growth in the home and gardening industry of North America, owing to the improved living standards, resulted in an increase in investments by consumers for their gardens as extension for their homes. In 2017 alone, the market for home and garden in the U.S. reached about USD 272 billion and this is expected to grow by another USD 10 billion by the end of 2018. According to Global Market Insights this will be one of the major propelling factors that will impact the recycled elastomers market growth in a positive manner.

Recycled elastomers, mainly made from end of life tires, are used in flooring tiles and sheets for gardens, bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, etc. The product is widely used as a substitute for traditional wood bark for landscaping and garden surfacing applications, due to its superior properties as it does not decompose, dry, blow away, retains heat, color shapes and acts as a suppressant for bugs and weeds. The above-mentioned trend is anticipated to follow and will give an up thrust to the recycled elastomers market in future.

According to Global Market Insights Growth in the sports industry will result as the major contributing factor for the growth of global recycled elastomers market in coming years. Reclaimed rubbers are used in playground surfaces as well as in sports grounds. Crumb rubber which is derived from end of life tires are mostly used as the infill materials for synthetic turf fields.

The product is spread between the grass fibers to provide cushioning and traction to the players while they are playing. Increasing commercialization of sports events will encourage the people across the globe to play professional sports, and thus will boost the building of new playgrounds as well as repairing old ones for training and playing purposes. This will boost the recycled rubber market growth in the forecast timeframe.

Some of the prominent players in the recycled elastomers market include GRP Ltd., Liberty Tire Recycling, American Tire Recycling, West Coast Rubber Recycling, Monmouth Rubber & Plastics Corp., J.Allcock & Sons Limited, RubberFoam Recycled Products LLC, American Recycling Center, Green Rubber One Sdn. Bsd., Austin Rubber Company LLC, Klean Industries, Genan Holding A/S, Rubbergreen, Entech Inc., Emanuel Tire Co and others.

The research report is available here.


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