New Chemical Recycling Project

At the end of September, Brussels hosted the kick off meeting of a new European research project, polynSPIRE, aimed at improving the overall performance of plastics recycling looking for a more sustainable plastic value chain.
Tim Reckmann,
Tim Reckmann,

polynSPIRE Project is a research project funded by Horizon2020 EU’s new research and innovation programme, with the aim to demonstrate a set of innovative, cost-effective and sustainable solutions, aiming at improving the energy and resource efficiency of plastic recycling processes for post-consumer and post-industrial waste streams containing at least 80% of plastic materials. The project brings together 22 leading European research/academic institutions, governmental organisations, and industries and SMEs. polynSPIRE has a duration of 48 months (1 September 2018 – 30 August 2022) and a total budget of 9.95 Million Euros.

The project concept will address plastic containing waste streams ensuring the recycling of at least a 50% of total plastics containing PA and PU leading to a reduction of 30 to 40% CO2 equivalent emissions. Furthermore, non-technological barriers such as legislative or standardization ones are also addressed at EU level and business models to integrate the aforementioned solutions in the overall plastic waste management system will be set up.

The polynSPIRE consortium consists of 22 partner organizations lead dy CIRCE (Spain). The consortium is well-balanced in terms of involvement of industrial and SME partners: REPSOL QUIMICA (Spain), ARKEMA (Spain), NOVAMONT (Italy), NUREL (Spain), KORDSA (Turkey), IONIQA (Netherlands), NIC (Slovenia), FM (Germany), TU/e (Netherlands), AITIIP (Spain), BADA (Spain), MAIER UK (UK), CSM SPA (Italy), FENO (Italy), Idealservice (Italy), HTT ENG (Czech Republic), CPPE d.o.o. (Slovenia), DS (Denmark), EUPC (Belgium), VERTECH (France), IKMIB (Turkey)


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