Electronic waste is an environmental time bomb, NGOs warn in new video

E-waste is estimated to reach a record high in 2018. Tech companies must be held accountable for profiteering from short product lifespans and a “throwaway” culture, NGOs say.
Thüringer Landhaus Ilmenau, pixelio.de
Thüringer Landhaus Ilmenau, pixelio.de

The world is on track to produce a record 50 million metric tons of potentially toxic e-waste in 2018 – that’s equivalent to almost 5,000 Eiffel towers, in just one year.

E-waste has increased as the lifespan of our electronic devices has fallen. People are throwing away their goods at a much faster rate as tech companies make repair and reuse either impossible or too expensive.

In a recent scandal, Apple even admitted to deliberately slowing down some iPhone models through a software update coinciding with the release of a new model.

By reducing the lifespan of a product companies may drive sales, but this comes at the expense of citizens and the planet, said the European Environmental Bureau (EEB).

The EEB launched a short film today to highlight the problem and urge EU governments to pass proposed laws that would oblige manufacturers to make products more durable and more easily repairable.


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