Plastics Recycling Awards Europe announces 2019 finalists

The shortlist for the Plastics Recycling Awards Europe 2019 has been published. The winners will be announced on 11 April, during the secondday of the Plastics Recycling Show Europe taking place at the RAI Amsterdam.
Paul-Georg Meister,

The seven different award categories this year are: Building & Construction Product of the Year, Automotive, Electrical or Electronic Product of the Year, Household & Leisure Product of the Year, Plastic Packaging Product of the Year, Product Technology Innovation of the Year, Recycling Machinery Innovation of the Year and Plastics Recycling Ambassador of the Year.

“With an extended number of categories and 40 finalists confirmed, the second edition of the awards is a perfect illustration of the continuous technological development and growing innovation in the sector. This year’s finalists demonstrate not only their goal toimprove the efficiency and quality of plastics recycling processes but also the goal of making plastic products more circular,” said Ton Emans, PRE President.

Plastics Recycling Awards Europe Finalists:

Building & Construction Product of the Year – interior and exterior construction products of all types

  • MPO Easy Channel drainage system by Multiport GmbH made from recycled HDPE and PP packaging waste
  • CREATION 55 CLIC, PVC wood effect flooring from GERFLOR
  • DAN-Board color LDPE construction and flooring plates from Danrec A/S
  • iD Revolution flooring by Tarkett featuring backing layer made from recycled polyvinyl butyral (PVB) from laminated glass car windscreens

Automotive, Electrical or Electronic Product of the Year – plastic parts used in automotive and electrical products

  • A Luxus high performance environmentally positive polypropylene grade developed for auto interior parts in the Nissan Micra K14
  • The recycled plastics demo car – which kick-starts Volvo Cars new plastics strategy, featuring more than 170 different parts made from recycled plastics
  • Grundig Oven by Arçelik featuring high performance plastic parts made withrecycled polyamides from ghost (abandoned) fishing nets and waste yarn
  • DellEMC Closed Loop Plastic Recycling, a plastic bezel made from recycled ABS from free takeback end of life electronic products
  • Grundig Tumble Dryer Bottom BaseBoard by Arçelik made from 100% recycled post-consumer ABS

Household & Leisure Product of the Year – covering all types of domestic and leisure goods (excluding electricals)

  • BMA Axia® Vision 24/7 office chair by Flokk AS containing 57% recycledplastic materials
  • PBD drawstring collection bag by Cedo Folien- und Haushaltsprodukte GmbHcontaining more than 90% of certified Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) plastic of which more than 40% is single-use flexible packaging
  • Plaswood Edge Bench from Plaswood – part of RPC bpi Recycled Products made from 100% recycled plastics
  • Odyssey Innovation Paradise Marine Plastic Kayak made from 100% recycled HDPE from consumer and industrial sources including plastic recycled from the marine environment

Plastic Packaging Product of the Year – judged on design innovation with recycled content and design for recycling

  • Fairy Ocean Plastic bottle from Procter & Gamble made from 10% ocean plastic and 90% post-consumer PET
  • Reborn shrink film by CEISA Packaging made from 50-100% recycled content
    NORDIVENT ECO 50 packaging film by Nordfolien GmbH – fully recyclable and with minimum 50% recycled content
  • Fillbee®, the Zero Waste Returnable Pack bottle holder by DS Smith Plastics – returnable pack for four or six bottles that fits existing beverage crates
  • X-EnviroShrink shrink film by RPC bpi protec – 100% recyclable with minimum 50% recycled content
  • Sustainable, 100% rPET, flat wine bottle by Garçon Wines and RPC M&H Plastics, innovative mail order wine bottle
  • B-NAT Bio-based Shrink Film by Yorkshire Packaging Systems and Bollore
  • BPPi9 HDPE pallet by Cabka-IPS and Dranken Pallet Beheer (DPB) Nederland – worn out pallets are continuously recycled to make new ones in a closed loop

Product Technology Innovation of the Year – improving recyclable plastic products or incorporating recycled materials in product production

  • Replacing virgin plastics in multi-layer flexible packaging by Newcycling re-granulates, APK, Mondi, Henkel and Borealis
  • Bin-e workplace collection bin by Infocode – an IoT-based smart waste bin that recognises, sorts and compresses recyclables automatically
  • REC-NIR-BLACK masterbatch by Ampacet – black masterbatch that is NIR-transparent to allow sorting with near-infrared optical sensors for recycling of black plastics
  • Thermal Anaerobic Conversion chemical recycling process by Plastic Energy
    Sustane polymer compounds by RPC bpi recycled products
  • Clariter Technology, a chemical recycling process for non-recyclable polyolefinicplastics
    Cadel deinking process for LPDE, HDPE, PP and PET

Recycling Machinery Innovation of the Year – increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of plastic recycling processes

  • COREMA® Cascade Extrusion System, extrusion line for mechanical recycling of post-consumer thermoplastics by INTERSEROH Dienstleistungs GmbH and EREMA Group
  • recoSTAR PET iV+ extrusion line for post-consumer PET bottles by Starlinger & Co GmbH
  • Gorillabelt T automatic and continuous screen changer for plastics recycling byCofit
  • Extrusion line for forced power supply MMDT for polypropylene recycling byRialti SpA
  • ECOIMPATTO mixed plastics extrusion line for post-consumer waste by IcmaSan Giorgio SpA

Plastics Recycling Ambassador of the Year – individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to European plastics recycling

  • Gian De Belder, Principal Scientist, Procter & Gamble
  • Christina Busk, Environmental Policy Manager, The Danish Plastics Federation
  • Erica Canaia, Sales Director, FIMIC
  • Manfred Hackl, CEO, EREMA Group
  • David Katz, Founder and CEO, The Plastic Bank
  • Carlos Monreal, CEO, Plastic Energy
  • Javier A. Vázquez Sánchez, CEO, ABN Pipe Systems


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