No separation anxiety

Clean sorting of the final product is important, and not just in recycling. With the Metalfex, Komptech offers a mobile nonferrous metal separator, that also efficiently separates out ferrous metals.
The Metalfex dependably separates out NF metals as well as also taking care of ferrous metal removal. Picture: Komptech

Clean sorting of end products is more and more important in many areas of recycling, and has also long been indispensable for meeting the quality requirements of the bulk goods industry.

Most preshredded or prescreened bulk goods contain many ferrous (Fe) and nonferrous (NF) metals, such as aluminium, copper, zinc, brass and bronze. While these NF metals are undesirable from the point of view of getting a cleanly-sorted final product, at the same time they are highly valuable as recyclables.

To recover these secondary raw materials in a relatively simple step, Komptech offers the Metalfex, a very versatile mobile NF and Fe metal separator.

One machine for two jobs
The basic construction of the new the Metalfex is as solid as it is practical. Feed is by conveyor to the machine’s own 1.60 metre wide intake conveyor. Non-ferrous metals are removed by an eddy current separator with eccentric pole system, that can be set for the precise material feed and content with the help of an adjustable separating vertex. The NF separator unit working width is 1.95 m. The NF metals and cleaned fraction are output on two folding conveyors to the left and right of the machine. The 0.8 m wide belts can reach discharge heights of 2.3 to 3.15 metres depending on the machine configuration.

All components on the new Metalfex are electrically powered. Power is from the on-board diesel generator or the grid. The Metalfex is also flexible about mobility – it is available in compact hook lift, easily manoeuvrable two-axle trailer or mobile site chassis versions. And it can do more than just separate NF metals. A neodymium magnet over the incoming conveyor also takes out Fe metals. Two jobs, one machine – that’s hard to beat.

Diverse input materials are no problem
With its tough, powerful design, the Metalfex can accept input grain sizes up to 300 mm in an extremely wide range of materials. These can be shredded waste wood, bulk waste, industrial and commercial waste, household or mixed construction waste or shredder output.

This wide range of feedstocks, and the efficient and dependable separation of both NF and Fe metals, once again show Komptech’s attention to effectiveness and practicality in developing its machines. And that’s what makes the difference.


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