BMRA launches ‘Support your local scrap yard, support your local community’

The British Metals Recycling Association (BMRA) has launched a new campaign to encourage members of the public to support their local scrap yard, while raising funds for local schools, community projects and charities.
Picture: Sackers

Unlike other forms of recycled material, metal is 100% recyclable and has an instant value. The BMRA wants people to check their sheds, garages, and even their kitchens for metals that are no longer being used, take it to a local scrap yard and, should they wish, donate the money.

Susie Burrage, President of BMRA and MD of Recycled Products Ltd said: “As part of Global Recycling Day, the BMRA is launching an initiative called ‘Support your local yard, support your local community’, where our members are teaming up with local schools to promote metal recycling. Not only can schools raise money by collecting all kinds of scrap metal, but the children will learn about recycling metals and its importance to the environment.

“As the fourth generation to run my family business, I am really proud to be supporting an initiative that recognises that businesses like mine can make a difference to our local community and to the environment.”

There is no end of everyday items that can be recycled. Old bikes, scooters, greenhouses, pots and pans, if it’s made of metal, it can be recycled. Even electronics can be recycled. Known as Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE), these include old phones, tablets, computers, fridges, washing machines, the list is endless. For example, one tonne of mobile phones contains as much gold as 70 tonnes of gold ore. *

James Kelly, CEO, BMRA added: “The metals recycling industry, while being a driver of the circular economy, faces many challenges. Some BMRA members lose business to scrap yards who pay cash for scrap metal, which is illegal. It is also illegal to receive cash for your scrap too. These yards are often not environmentally compliant. We want the public and businesses to support yards like our members who are highly regulated and professional. It’s a great way to raise money be it for yourself or for a cause close to your heart.”

BMRA members who are supporting the initiative include:

  • Sackers in Great Blakenham, Ipswich invited primary schools from Suffolk to visit its yard and presented to local schools.
  • Recycled Products Ltd in Chesham is partnering with Kite Ridge School in High Wycombe to host a ‘Marvellous Metals Day’.
  • Mellor Metals based in Great Ellingham, Norfolk is working with Great Ellingham Community Primary School and Rocklands Community Primary School.
  • Rogers Metal Management in Nuneham Courtney, Oxfordshire will be supporting local schools and scout groups.
  • KA Anderson in Ripon weighs scrap in to contribute to the Ripon Community Scrap Fund, which raises money for community projects including the town’s Christmas lights and St Wilfrid’s Procession.


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