New recycling partnership initiative for Circular Economy

The Circular Economy Accelerator wants to bring together forward-thinking companies to proactively pursue policy solutions to catalyze the circular economy for good.
Christine Becker,
Christine Becker,

The Recycling Partnership announced the Circular Economy Accelerator, a new initiative that will proactively drive policy solutions for stronger recycling and a robust circular economy in the United States.

“Consumers, businesses, and policymakers recognize that the U.S. recycling system is facing a critical inflection point – but we see it as an opportunity,” said Sarah Dearman, Executive Director of the Circular Economy Accelerator. “By leveraging public-private solutions to drive sustainable investment in recycling infrastructure and implementing policies that incentivize recycling over disposal, we can put the U.S. on the path to a truly circular economy.”

The Circular Economy Accelerator will build consensus for attainable policy and legislative solutions at the state and Federal level to secure sustainable funding, incentivize recycling over disposal and expedite public-private solutions for circular systems.The Accelerator is launching with support from more than a dozen of the biggest brands, material companies and organizations committed to taking action to advance the circular economy.

“America doesn’t have time to wait for a better recycling system. Current global market challenges pose serious headwinds to community recycling programs,” said Keefe Harrison, CEO of The Recycling Partnership. “The Circular Economy Accelerator will jump-start the critical conversations to advance the recycling system so that recyclable materials make it from citizens’ recycling bins back to store shelves as new products.”

For the last half-decade, The Recycling Partnership has partnered with more than a thousand communities, putting carts on the ground, working with recycling professionals from across the country to improve operations and get contamination out of the recycling system. The Circular Economy Accelerator provides another powerful tool to help deliver that change.

Amanda Sourry, President, Unilever North America: “At Unilever, we know that no one can create a circular economy for packaging in isolation. It’s critical that we partner with governments to keep packaging in the supply chain and out of landfills and ecosystems, especially with the urgent need to address plastics in the environment. The Circular Economy Accelerator is bringing together consumer product companies, packaging suppliers and recycling infrastructure experts to develop and advocate for the policy solutions we need.”

Steve Presley, Market Head and CEO of Nestlé USA: “Nestle USA is proud to help launch the Circular Economy Accelerator. We recognize that plastic waste is an immense challenge facing society, and believe that a strong circular economy holds the key to the scale of transformation necessary to solve this crisis. We remain committed to driving positive change in the U.S. recycling system, and are thrilled to work together with others to advocate for collaborative, courageous solutions.”

Bruce Karas, Vice President of Environment and Sustainability, Coca-Cola North America: “We all have a role to play in helping to create a more circular economy and that starts with the products we make and sell to the way they are collected and reused. As a long-time supporter of The Recycling Partnership’s work to bring recycling solutions to communities, we’re excited to join them in this latest venture that builds on their successful track record of building strong partnerships with governments and communities to help drive a more circular economy for our packaging.”

Derric Brown, Vice President of Sustainability at the Carton Council of North America: “The Carton Council was founded on the belief that public-private partnerships and collaboration are imperative to improving recycling. We view participating in the Circular Economy Accelerator as a natural fit and are looking forward to its impact.”



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