All In On Recycling Challenge

Alcoa Foundation increases support of The Recycling Partnership through the All In On Recycling Challenge. Foundation’s $300,000 grant will boost recycling across the country
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Alcoa Foundation announced today it is contributing $300,000 to The Recycling Partnership, the nonprofit change agent transforming recycling for good. The donation will help boost residential recycling rates in states, cities and communities across the country.

A founding partner of The Recycling Partnership, Alcoa Foundation’s multi-year support is part of the All In On Recycling challenge, which aims to help more than 25 million Americans recycle more and recycle better. The challenge kicked off in July 2018 with a $10 million investment from the PepsiCo Foundation and seeks to raise $25 million from leading businesses, companies, and organizations to deliver recycling support to more than 2,800 communities nationwide.

“We are delighted to have Alcoa Foundation, one of our very first partners, continue its relationship with The Recycling Partnership and support the All In On Recycling challenge,” said Keefe Harrison, CEO of The Recycling Partnership. “Alcoa Foundation’s multi-year commitment is indicative of how much the company not only believes in our mission, but also understands that long-term support of our organization is critical to creating a healthier U.S. recycling system.”

According Alcoa Foundation the challenge helps communities strengthen their recycling programs by providing funding for curbside carts, the missing infrastructure needed to recover recyclables from multi-family homes, as well as critical recycling education and operational programs. Helping residents increase the amount they recycle – and ensuring they are recycling correctly – is critical to supporting a circular economy and building a sustainable recycling system in the U.S.

“We have seen the huge impact The Recycling Partnership has made in improving the quality and quantity of captured recycled materials,” says Rosa García Pineiro, President of Alcoa Foundation. “We’re excited to strengthen our relationship with the Partnership and support the All In On Recycling challenge to help the rapidly-growing nonprofit drive measurable recycling system change from coast to coast.

The All In On Recycling challenge aims to provide carts to more than 550,000 households and has already enabled communities in Iowa, Ohio, Minnesota, New Jersey and North Dakota to expand their recycling programs. The Recycling Partnership estimates the challenge will help the U.S. capture 2 million more tons of recyclables, including 7 billion more cans and bottles by 2022.

“Congratulations to Alcoa Foundation for making a multi-year investment to help lift U.S. recycling rates and drive a stronger circular economy,” said Kathleen Niesen, Director, Recycling and Sustainability, PepsiCo Beverages North America. “It’s more important than ever that we support proven effective strategies, like additional infrastructure and education, that make recycling work in the U.S. We know that most Americans want to recycle more, and with partners like Alcoa Foundation and The Recycling Partnership, we can help make recycling easier and more convenient in communities across the country.”


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