Compact solutions for construction sites

In 2017, Montagnier TP expanded its fleet with two new compact Liebherr machines: the A 914 Compact wheeled excavator and the R 914 Compact crawler excavator. The machines are still efficient and powerful after two years in operation.
The machines have been in use at Montagnier TP for two years. (Liebherr)

In 2017, Montagnier TP purchased two compact Liebherr machines in response to the increasingly confined conditions on construction sites. Key factors in the purchasing decision included exceptional cooperation with local Liebherr sales partner Tecmat Service and the fact that Liebherr has exclusively developed all elements of the complete solution.
Both the A 914 Compact wheeled excavator and the R 914 Compact crawler excavator are still being used successfully at Montagnier TP for operations such as sewage and drainage work or smaller earthmoving work. Thanks to the compact design, these machines only need one track on construction site transport routes.

With 1,300 operating hours for each machine per year, the low consumption of these excavators is welcomed by the family-run company: 6.7 l/h for the R 914 Compact and 6.2 l/h for the A 914 Compact.

Thanks to the compact design, the machines only need one track on construction site transport routes. (Liebherr)

Machine, changing devices, tools
The A 914 Compact and R 914 Compact machines are equipped with Liebherr’s Likufix system and the tilt rotator. In addition to the compact design and high performance levels of these machines, other deciding factors for Montagnier TP included having one source for the complete solution, including changing devices and tools.

The tilt rotators enable even more versatile and flexible use of backhoe buckets, making time-consuming repositioning of the machines during work unnecessary. The result is a noticeable increase in productivity on the construction sites. The Liebherr tilt rotators have a swing angle of 2 x 50° and can endlessly rotate through 360°. Even at maximum swivelling, the horizontal tilt cylinder has no protruding parts that could be damaged during use within confined areas. This guarantees low maintenance costs for this tool, which is ideal for support work or applications close to buildings.

The Likufix system is a hydraulic quick coupler combined with an automatic hydraulic coupling system specially developed by Liebherr. It allows mechanical and hydraulic tool attachments to be quickly and safely changed from inside the operator’s cab.

This combination is ideal for Montagnier TP, which has to change tools up to 25 times a day per machine on certain construction sites. Company employees unanimously agreed on both the Likufix system and the tilt rotator.


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