CEWEP publishes Circular Economy calculation tool

According to the federation, the tool helps to calculate the amount of residual waste in 2035 - at which time the Circular Economy targets have to be achieved.
Source: Thomas Max Müller; pixelio.de

CEWEP explains that they have made calculations based on available data, mainly from Eurostat. Even with conservative assumptions, the results show that there will still be around 142 million tonnes of residual waste that will not be recycled or landfilled and consequently will need other reliable treatment capacity in 2035. Currently, the Waste-to-Energy incineration capacity to treat residual waste in EU28 is 90 million tonnes and the capacity for co-incineration is approximately 11 million tonnes.

The calculation tool allows for all interested stakeholders to change the assumptions and see how the waste weight shifts between recycling/composting, landfilling and the need for other residual waste treatment.


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