New WFO partnership to fight plastic pollution

Waste Free Oceans is happy to announce a new partnership with the leading brand in the frozen food market in Belgium, Iglo.
Foto: WCRS
Foto: WCRS

The growing interest from businesses who want to join efforts in fighting plastic waste pollution and moving towards a circular economy is becoming more visible. More and more companies have started using recycled plastic – including discarded and obsolete fishing gear or anything that may otherwise end up in the oceans – to offer consumers more sustainable products.

By building the bridge between companies and its trusted network of recyclers and converters, WFO enables them to create innovative products that meet the highest standards of quality and safety. For this partnership, discarded and obsolete fishing gear recycled by the Danish cleantech company, Plastix, have been transformed into freezer bags by Papier-Mettler, the European market leader for paper and plastic service packaging. The bags are offered as prizes by Iglo through an activation campaign, in-store, on air and online. The brand has already been engaged for more than 20 years on the topic of sustainable fishing and wants to keep on engaging concretely with consumers on ocean sustainability.

The common goal is to raise awareness on the importance of protecting our planet. Making plastics more circular is part of the solution. This is also a priority for the EU, who launched the Circular Plastics Alliance in order to promote voluntary actions and commitments for more recycled plastics. On 20 September 2019 in Brussels, the Circular Plastics Alliance presented and adopted its declaration, aiming to ensure that 10 million tonnes of recycled plastics are used to make products in Europe in 2025. As public awareness is increasing, WFO is confident in its capacity to continue providing concrete solutions at source while acting on prevention and remediation actions involving a large range of stakeholders.


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