New edition of European Demolition Industry Report

The European Demolition Association presents the last edition of its annual report about the demolition industry.

This document means the fifth edition of this annual report that includes the evolution and trends of the demolition sector at the European level and country by country.

Through its Statistics Group, leaded by Mr. Andreas Pocha, General Manager of the German Demolition Association, EDA gathers information from contractors of the demolition sector, analyzed at a European level and country-by-country.

This report provides a visual overview of Europe’s demolition industry from data gathered in the current year. It includes forecasts and specific information about the demolition activity given by the contractors themselves.

The gathered information is presented at a European level and country by country. The languages used in this publication are English and the official language of the country is analyzed.

This edition includes new questions to better understand the industry, as well as new countries participating for the first time in this study (Denmark, Ireland and Russia).

The European Demolition Industry Report 2019 includes detailed information about the trends of the demolition industry in the previous years, forecasts and comparative graphs with the information collected in previous editions.

The document includes:

  • General situation in European demolition industry
  • Volume of business
  • Evolution of the demolition activities
  • Investment in demolition machinery, equipment and consumables
  • Evolution of the workforce
  • Business prospects
    Percentage of the turnover coming from decontamination and
  • demolition activities
  • Relevance of events to decision making ( buying equipment)

All data is collected directly from demolition contractors from all over Europe, through an on-line survey, translated in several European languages to avoid mistakes and misinterpretations.

The survey includes general questions about the companies, the evolution in the last year and the forecast for the current year.

The European Demolition Industry Report 2019 is available here.


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