IERC: Industry slightly optimistic

For the first time, at IERC an industry barometer was survey. It shows that many companies are neither satisfied with the economic nor the regulatory situation.
Siegfried Springer,

Only 39 per cent of the participating companies consider their current economic situation positive. 35 per cent see it as unchanged while 26 per cent said it has gotten worse. It may be a little bit surprising that the evaluation of the quantities varies quite a bit. Here 63 per cent assess the situation as positive while only 10 per cent see a decline. For 27 per cent, the quantities have not changed.

The outlook for the next two years shows a similar, hence a little bit more optimistic picture: 45 per cent of the participants expect an improvement and only 24 expect things to get worse. 31 per cent foresee no changes. Regarding the quantities, 67 per cent expect an increase and only 8 per cent a decrease.

The final question was aiming at how the current legislative and regulatory context is affecting the current business. The answer is clear: 49 per cent see a negative impact, only 16 per cent see a positive impact.

The survey was taken among 46 of 426 participants at IERC.


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