Universal Shredder at Moelven Notnäs Ransby

Andritz has completed the start-up of a Universal Shredder FRP at the Moelven Notnäs Ransby sawmill in Torsby (Sweden). The machine processes up to five tons of waste wood per hour.

The sawmill from Moelven Notnäs Ransby produces around 225,000 m³ of sawn goods every year, according to Andritz. The wood waste generated will be processed with a Universal Shredder FRP, type 2000P, which is able to process up to five tons per hour. The single-shaft shredder breaks down bulky materials into small particle sizes in a single step, making the machine a good example of how mills can deal efficiently with the problem of waste wood. The FRP is equipped with a pendulum pusher that prevents material ejection and contributes towards a clean and safe work environment.

Previously, Moelven worked with a mobile shredder that caused substantial noise pollution in the surrounding area. At 81 to 85 dB, the new FRP is quiet in operation compared to other shredders. The scope of delivery also included supply of the input hopper and the discharge chain conveyor.

The FRP2000P is Moelven’s second machine to be ordered from Andritz – another FRP shredder is operating successfully at Moelven Soknabruket in Norway. Moelven is a Scandinavian industrial group, headquartered in Moelv (Norway), that produces building products and systems for the construction industry. The group consists of 36 production companies across 45 locations in Norway and Sweden and employs around 3,500 people.


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