Watches made from recycled ocean plastic

The swedish watchmaker Triwa has launched a series of watches made from recycled ocean plastic.

The campaign called „Time for oceans“ is made together wird #Tide Ocean Material in Switzerland.

Two years ago TRIWA launched its first line of value driven products called Time for Peace, watches made from de¬structed illegal firearms. Through the campaign TRIWA has managed to raise more than €100 000 to anti violence projects in El Salvador, where the metal is being produced. It also made them rethink the company strategy. Under the tagline Time for Change, TRIWA now works with value-driven launches to make the watch a symbol of change. Their new campaign Time for Oceans is made to up-cycled ocean waste and raise awareness for the oceans critical health.

“We work in a very conservative industry with traditional values. With our Time for Change watches we want to use the symbolic placement of the watch and make it into a statement piece for change. By making watches from 100% ocean plastic we can show that it’s possible to do something more useful of the ocean waste and raise awareness”, says Ludvig Scheja, Creative Director at TRIWA.

Both case and strap is made from 100% recycled ocean plastic produced by #tide Ocean Material in Switzerland. The ocean waste is transformed into granular with the help of solar energy, and has then been remoulded into the watch. The watch comes in 4 different colours, deep blue, seaweed, coral and seal. They are 10 ATM water resistant and filled with ocean references such as the 3D molded ocean dial, the bouy inspired hands and the color scheme.

The collection will be launched on and in selected stores at the 14th of april. Price: €119, $129.


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