25% improved dust extraction

Höcker Polytechnik has been able to reduce the power consumption of its Vacumobil dust extractors considerably by using the modern IE5 permanent magnet motor technology.
Vacumobil JP350 with IE5 efficiency power pack with jet/compressed air pulse cleaning and integrated briquetting press. Photo: Höcker Polytechnik

The newly developed IE5 Efficiency Powerpack offers an efficiency advantage through reduced power costs with increased extraction capacity of up to 25 percent. This leap in performance is made possible by using permanent magnet motors of the highest IE5 efficiency class in conjunction with specially parameterised frequency inverters. Energy efficiency class 5, or Ultra Premium Efficiency, is currently the highest efficiency class for electric motors. In the Vacumobil dust collectors, this ultra-modern motor type, which is also often used in electric cars, ensures a considerable increase in efficiency.

Höcker Polytechnik has coupled the permanent magnet motor with a frequency converter and adapted the control electronics especially for this motor type.

A Vacumobil 350 dust collector with such an IE5 power pack was tested in a six-month stress test at a client’s premises in real working conditions. The Vacumobil with the 11 kW permanent magnet motor (IE5) reliably took over the job for which a Vacumobil with a frequency-controlled 15 kW asynchronous motor (IE3) was previously required. However, it effectively consumes 2.5 kW less power. In annual terms, the additional cost of using a Vacumobil with IE5 Efficiency Powerpack can therefore already be recouped.

The new IE5 Efficiency Powerpack is available in combination with the Vacumobil models 350 (11 kW/IE5), 300 (7.5 kW/IE5) or 250 (5.5 kW/IE5).


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