Tomra Sorting Recycling to hold digital launch event

Tomra Sorting Recycling to hold its first live digital launch event under the motto "Symphony of all Sorts" on 9 June to present new complementary products.

The increased demand for recycled products is opposed to still low recycling rates. This gap makes it imperative to find appropriate and future-oriented solutions to provide recycled products that meet the highest standards of quality and the necessary regulations. Despite the current situation with its various limitations including cancelled trade fairs and mandatory social distancing, Tomra Sorting Recycling continuously acknowledges its responsibility and responds innovatively to the global waste problem by introducing a new generation of technological advances in digital form and as a “Symphony of all Sorts”.

Symphony: a musical composition that consists of several different sections or movements and leads its listeners through different parts which in the end form a satisfying whole. At first glance, there might not seem to be an association to topics considered in recycling. On second glance, there is: the symphony reflects the recycling process, which can only be highly effective if all the instruments involved, including Tomra’s new complementary products, form a perfectly harmonized symphony to sort all types of waste with high accuracy and sophistication.

On June 9, 2pm CEST, TOMRA Sorting Recycling will guide the participants through the various parts of the symphony and its instruments. Numerous lively and sonorous presentations introducing the product innovations and the concept of the symphony will be complemented by an extensive question and answer session with Tomra experts.

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