Andritz: New shredder for secondary shredding

Andritz presents its new secondary shredder ADuro S – the latest member of the recently introduced ADuro product line for recycling shredders.
ADuro S shredder Photo: Andritz/Humeniuk

The ADuro S is a single-shaft shredder with a rotor width of up to 3,200 mm and capable of handling very large capacities, thus making it ideal for processing waste streams like refuse-derived fuels (RDF), solid recovered fuels (SRF), municipal solid waste (MSW), and commercial and industrial (C&I) waste.

The ADuro S has a flexible, modular design. It can be equipped with three different rotor types and thus tailored to meet individual customer requirements with regard to input material, throughput, and energy consumption. The machine features an innovative clamping mechanism that eliminates the need for time-consuming welding or grinding if a knife holder needs to be changed.

To accommodate different types and thicknesses of input material, the cutting gap can be safely adjusted in service mode without stopping and opening the machine. To further optimize availability and maintenance costs, the machine is equipped with an intelligent pusher control. A rotor cooling system can be installed as a technological add-on.

Like all shredders in the ADuro family, the ADuro S can be equipped with IIoT features to facilitate online machine monitoring and achieve the optimum duty point.


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