New cable recycling plant for East Bohemia

THM Recycling Solutions has delivered acable recycling plant to the Czech Republic.
Installed cable recycling plant at Firma s.r.o. Photo: THM Recycling Solutions

Since 2008 the company S-Firma from Moravany in Czech Republic has developed into the leading waste disposal service provider in Eastern Bohemia. To be prepared for the growing demand for recycling of cable waste S-Firma decided to procure a new cable recycling plant. The choice fell on THM Recycling Solutions.

The new cable recycling plant consists of a granulator for pre-shredding of the cable waste, a magnetic separator for sorting out ferromagnetic contaminants, a cutting mill as fine cutter as well as all necessary conveyor equipment. The input material is loose cable waste from households and industry. After processing the cable scrap with the cable recycling plant from THM, a copper / plastic fraction with a grain size of 4 mm is the outcome. With a downstream separation plant a pure copper fraction is obtained from the copper / plastic fraction. The cable recycling system from THM has a throughput capacity of approx. 800 kg / hour.


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