New material handler from Doosan

Doosan has expanded the company’s Material Handler range with the launch of the new 23 tonne DX230WMH-5 model, which joins the recently introduced DX250WMH-5 25 tonne machine.

Both models are aimed at material handling duties in the solid waste, recycling, demolition and forestry industries.

Like the existing larger model, the DX230WMH-5 has two arm cylinders for extra balance and more stability and lesser movement when using attachments such as grapples. The maximum pin height in the DX230WMH-5 is 11.7 m, the maximum operating reach is 10.1 m and the maximum working depth is 4.2 m.

Another special feature which is standard on the DX230WMH-5 is the elevating cab, which provides excellent visibility and high flexibility for the operator. Easily accessed from ground level, the cab height can be adjusted to a maximum elevated height of 2.5 m to give the operator the best view of the work in hand, especially when combined with the rear view camera display in the cab. The operator can adjust the cab height from their position inside the cab, with an emergency lowering lever installed at the rear of the seat.

In the cab, a standard 7-inch colour LCD display provides helpful maintenance history and machine monitoring information. It also displays a video feed from the standard rear-view and side view cameras, which are uniquely placed to give even better visibility. A split screen mode displays a camera view and vital machine information at the same time. The feed from the side view camera can be reviewed independently or in a split screen mode.

Designed to carry out the toughest tasks, the DX230WMH-5 is built with front and rear stabilizers, and a boom and arm specifically designed for material handling tasks. The DX230WMH-5 material handler is easy to operate with ergonomic joysticks and a steering wheel. The machine comes equipped with two-way auxiliary and rotate circuit hydraulics to improve efficiency. The operator can use buttons on the joysticks or an optional foot pedal to control auxiliary attachments.

Doosan can also provide a range of options such as gooseneck and straight arms, solid tyres and FOGS as well as different attachments to match customers’ applications and to enhance productivity, for a wide range of material sorting and handling applications such as those in the scrap metal and other solid waste and recycling industries, as well as logging.

The new DX230WMH-5 material handler is powered by the 6-cylinder, turbocharged Doosan DL06PA water-cooled diesel engine, providing an output (SAE J1995) of 129.4 kW (173.5 HP). The DL06PA engine offers convenience and lower costs by meeting Stage IV emission regulations without the need for a diesel particulate filter, through the use of cooled exhaust gas recirculation and selective catalyst reduction after-treatment technologies.


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