Andritz receives repeat order for two shredders

Andritz has received an order from Papierfabrik Palm to supply two Aduro P shredders, type 2000 – an improved version of the FRX shredder – to its paper mill in Wörth, Germany.
The shredder a the workshop in Graz, Austria (source: Andritz)

The shredders will be used to process rejects from the paper mill as well as pre-shredded rags from the OCC pulping process. Start-up of the new equipment is scheduled for the second quarter of 2021.

The slow-rotating, single-shaft Aduro P shredders are equipped with a hydraulic pendulum pusher and an innovative cutting system that can produce small and medium particle sizes down to 50 mm. Together the two units are capable of handling large capacities and will process up to 15 tons of waste per hour. Thanks to their compact footprint and profile, the shredders can be installed and integrated into the facility very easily.

Palm is already operating an Andritz FRX 2000 shredder successfully in its paper mill at Wörth, and this repeat order further strengthens the successful long-term relationship between the two companies.

Palm is one of the leading manufacturers of newsprint and corrugated base paper made from 100% recovered fiber. The company runs five paper mills across Europe, with the mill in Wörth, Germany, being one of the most efficient in the world. The PM6 paper machine, which started up in 2002, has a capacity of 650,000 tons per year and is the world’s largest machine for production for corrugated base paper.


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