‘Greenleaf TM 2nd Generation’ tube approved by RecyClass

The findings of an independent laboratory testing of ‘GreenleafTM 2nd Generation’ technology show that it is fully compatible with the recycling stream of HDPE containers as it does not pose any recyclability issues.
lichtkunst.73, pixelio.de
lichtkunst.73, pixelio.de

This technology is used in packaging for oral care and pharmaceutical goods.

‘GreenleafT 2nd Generation’ is a white coloured tube with green printing on the surface and a multi-layer body. It consists of a 6% EVOH barrier and more than 3% PE tie layers grafted with at least 0,1% maleic anhydride.

The results obtained from the laboratory tests carried out by Plastics Forming Enterprise, according to the APR HDPE Critical and Application Guidance[1] testing protocols, demonstrate that Albéa tube technology is compatible with coloured HDPE recycling stream.
Barrier technologies are known to disrupt the recycling of HDPE containers, however, in the case of ‘GreenleafTM 2nd Generation’ technology, it was demonstrated that it advances quality recycling. As a result, it is relevant for high-value applications including HDPE containers.

The technology remains recyclable as long as it meets specific conditions which refer, among other aspects, to the amount of this package in the recycling stream (that shall not exceed 5%), requirements related to the density and printing technology used, and closures to name a few.

RecyClass approval does not apply to the cap, which was not in the scope of the test. Therefore, a review of the current PP closure of the package is strongly recommended, as it is known that PP can affect r-HDPE properties.

The findings of the analysis of the compatibility of the ‘Greenleaf 2nd Generation’ technology with the coloured HDPE containers recycling stream promote the accelerated transition towards circular plastic packaging.


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