Accelerating the standardization of food contact recycling processes

A new Food Contact Module for plastics recycling processes of the EuCertPlast Certification drives further harmonisation of the plastics recycling industry.
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The Audit Scheme will apply to food contact recycling processes such as PET food contact recycling, and HDPE or PP crates and pallets closed loop recycling. Since the Scheme recognises the highest standards for plastic waste treatment, the food contact component is a vital step on the way towards creating a genuine secondary raw materials market.

This new module guarantees transparency and trust in the quality of processing practices, to in turn ensure continuous uptake of recyclates for applications that come into contact with food. It addresses the legal and technical aspects of food contact material recycling.

Firstly, it incorporates the requirements that are expected to be included in the next amendment of Regulation (EC) 282/2008 on recycled plastics intended to come into contact with foods. Meanwhile, it supports compliance with National requirements. Secondly, the Module integrates procedures and quality management systems which guarantee food contact safety.

As of 14th of September, the new Module will be implemented in any new audit requests or yearly monitoring audits of food contact recycling processes. EuCertPlast will implement a 1-year transition period for monitoring audits to be adapted to the new Audit Scheme Module.

Recyclers interested in becoming certified shall get in touch with an accredited auditor.


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