MORE announces first Results on use of recycled polymers

MORE – MOnitoring Recyclates for Europe has completed its first round of data collection in France and announces for the first time the monitored volumes of recycled polymers used by plastics converting companies.
Peter von Bechen,

For the year 2018, the participating companies registered a use of 389,000 tonnes of recycled polymers in France. The represented markets are packaging, construction, automotive, and consumer goods.

The MORE platform was launched by EuPC in cooperation with its member associations in April 2019 to monitor and register the industry’s efforts to reach the EU target of 10 million tonnes of recycled polymers being used annually between 2025 and 2030. Thanks to the great work of the French national plastics & composites converters association, Fédération de la Plasturgie, and the commitment of French plastics converting companies to transparently report their use of recycled polymers, France is the first country than can officially announce these promising results.

“We are proud to have achieved and contributed to this MORE movement in France where companies have realized how important the use and declaration of recycled plastics are in the current situation. With this tool our converting industry is united in reporting volumes of all polymers and sectors and clearly on its way to register the volumes of our overall commitment of 1.000.000 T by the year 2025”, said Fédération de la Plasturgie Director General Jean Martin.

Overall, the MORE platform is currently available to plastics converting companies in 14 European countries, and is experiencing a constant growth of members and reported volumes. The use of recycled polymers is collected on a yearly basis and results are published per country and on the European level.

“We are delighted to present the first results of our monitoring platform MORE to the public. The collection of data on the use of recycled polymers is crucial to showcase our industry’s efforts towards a circular plastics economy in Europe. With MORE, our industry is able, for the very first time, to report the volumes of recyclate that are used in the creation of new products, data that is indispensable to monitor the progress towards the EU target of 10 million tonnes annual use. I congratulate the Fédération de la Plasturgie and see these actions as an example to follow in all other EU Countries”, Said EuPC Managing Director Alexandre Dangis.


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